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April 2018



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The April issue features interviews with Jeff VanderMeer and Tananarive Due; appreciations for Kate Wilhelm; obituaries for Karen Anderson, Peter Nicholls, Mary Rosenblum, Stephen Hawking, and Bill Crider; a column by Kameron Hurley; spotlights on Michelle Sagara and Sarah Pinsker; the Tiptree, Stoker, and Dell awards winners; and reviews of short fiction and books by Sam J. Miller, T. Kingfisher, Peter Clines, Chandler Klang, and many others.

Table of Contents: 

April 2018 • Issue 687 • Vol. 80 • No. 4
51st Year of Publication • 30-Time Hugo Winner
Cover and Interview Designs by Francesca Myman

Jeff VanderMeer: Blur the Lines / 10
Tananarive Due: Sense of Mission / 26
Kate Wilhelm (1928 – 2018) • Appreciations by Nina Kiriki Hoffman, Leslie What, Ray Vukcevich, Eileen Gunn, Gardner Dozois, Jack Dann, James Patrick Kelly, and James Frenkel • Bergin Wins Tiptree Award • Changes at Tor • 2017 Stoker Awards Winners • Davis Wins 2018 Dell Award
2018 Carnegie and Greenaway Medal Shortlists • Kitschies Finalists • Philip K. Dick Award Judges • PEN News • Asimov’s Readers’ Awards Finalists • Analog AnLab Awards Finalists • 2018 Compton Crook Award Finalists • More Harrassment Accusations • Amazon News • Magazine News • Awards News • World Conventions News • Announcements • Financial News • International Rights
Notes on milestones, awards, books sold, etc., with news this issue about Nick Mamatas, Nalo Hopkinson, Juliet Marillier, Jack Skillingstead, Kevin J. Anderson & Steven L. Sears, and many others
Photo Story: Galactic Philadelphia / 9 Commentary: Kameron Hurley: Writing is Hard, and That’s OK / 25Spotlight on: Michelle Sagara / 32 Spotlight on: Sarah Pinsker / 35 2017 British Book Summary / 54 LocusLetters / 59
StokerCon / 33 FOGcon / 34
Magazines Received: February / 36 Books Received: February / 37 British Books Received: January / 44Bestsellers / 46
Karen Anderson • Appreciation by Astrid Anderson Bear • Peter Nicholls • Appreciation by Gregory Benford • Mary Rosenblum • Appreciation by Gardner Dozois • Stephen Hawking • Bill Crider
50th Anniversary • Visitors with Gifts • Locus Poll Deadline • This Issue/Next Issue


Short Fiction Reviews by Gardner Dozois / 12
Beneath Ceaseless Skies 2/1/18, 2/15/18; The Father of Lies, K.J. Parker.
Short Fiction Reviews by Rich Horton / 13
Beneath Ceaseless Skies, 2/1/18, 2/15/18, 3/1/18; Lightspeed 2/18, 3/18; Clarkesworld 1/18, 2/18; Galaxy’s Edge 1/18; Kaleidotrope Winter ’18; Apex 2/18
Reviews by Gary K. Wolfe / 14
Blackfish City, Sam J. Miller; The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year: Volume 12, Jonathan Strahan, ed.; The Tangled Lands, Paolo Bacigalupi & Tobias S. Buckell
Reviews by Liz Bourke / 16
Gunpowder Moon, David Pedreira; A Study in Honor, Claire O’Dell; The Wonder Engine, T. Kingfisher; The Empress of Timbra, Karen Healey & Robyn Fleming
Reviews by Adrienne Martini / 19
Gods, Monsters, and the Lucky Peach, Kelly Robson; Paradox Bound, Peter Clines; The Sky Is Yours, Chandler Klang Smith
Reviews by Carolyn Cushman / 21
The Wind in His Heart, Charles de Lint; Tess of the Road, Rachel Hartman; Lady Henterman’s Wardrobe, Marshall Ryan Maresca; Torn, Rowenna Miller; Into the Fire, Elizabeth Moon; Cast in Deception, Michelle Sagara; A Problematic Paradox, Eliot Sappingfield
Reviews by Russell Letson, Colleen Mondor & Lila Garrott / 22
Phoresis, Greg Egan; The Possible, Tara Altebrando; Beasts Made of Night, Tochi Onyebuchi; Beasts of Extraordinary Circumstance, Ruth Emmie Lang
Audiobook Reviews by Amy Goldschlager / 24
The Power, Naomi Alderman; Senlin Ascends: The Books of Babel #1, Josiah Bancroft; The City of Brass, S.A. Chakraborty; Ka: Dar Oakley in the Ruin of Ymr, John Crowley; Spin: The Audiobook Musical, Neil Fishman & Harvey Edelman; Angel Catbird, Margaret Atwood; The Sky Is Yours, Chandler Klang Smith

Magazine Issues reviewed in this issue (indicating reviewer) —

Apex 2/18 (Rich Horton)
Beneath Ceaseless Skies 2/1/18 (Gardner Dozois)
Beneath Ceaseless Skies 2/1/18 (Rich Horton)
Beneath Ceaseless Skies 2/15/18 (Gardner Dozois)
Beneath Ceaseless Skies 2/15/18 (Rich Horton)
Beneath Ceaseless Skies 3/1/18 (Rich Horton)
Clarkesworld 1/18 (Rich Horton)
Clarkesworld 2/18 (Rich Horton)
Galaxy’s Edge 1/18 (Rich Horton)
Lightspeed 2/18 (Rich Horton)
Lightspeed 3/18 (Rich Horton)
Kaleidotrope Winter ’18 (Rich Horton)

Books reviewed in this issue, listed by author (indicating reviewer) —

Altebrando, Tara • The Possible (Colleen Mondor)
Bacigalupi, Paolo, & Tobias S. Buckell • The Tangled Lands (Gary K. Wolfe)
Clines, Peter • Paradox Bound (Adrienne Martini)
de Lint, Charles • The Wind in His Heart (Carolyn Cushman)
Egan, Greg • Phoresis (Russell Letson)
Hartman, Rachel • Tess of the Road (Carolyn Cushman)
Healey, Karen, & Robyn Fleming • The Empress of Timbra (Liz Bourke)
Kingfisher, T. • The Wonder Engine (Liz Bourke)
Lang, Ruth Emmie • Beasts of Extraordinary Circumstance (Lila Garrott)
Maresca, Marshall Ryan • Lady Henterman’s Wardrobe (Carolyn Cushman)
Miller, Rowenna • Torn (Carolyn Cushman)
Miller, Sam J. • Blackfish City (Gary K. Wolfe)
Moon, Elizabeth • Into the Fire (Carolyn Cushman)
O’Dell, Claire • A Study in Honor (Liz Bourke)
Onyebuchi, Tochi • Beasts Made of Night (Colleen Mondor)
Parker, K. J. • The Father of Lies (Gardner Dozois)
Pedreira, David • Gunpowder Moon (Liz Bourke)
Robson, Kelly • Gods, Monsters, and the Lucky Peach (Adrienne Martini)
Sagara, Michelle • Cast in Deception (Carolyn Cushman)
Sappingfield, Eliot • A Problematic Paradox (Carolyn Cushman)
Smith, Chandler Klang • The Sky Is Yours (Adrienne Martini)
Strahan, Jonathan, ed. • The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year: Volume 12 (Gary K. Wolfe)