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Nov. 20 (#167) Otto O. Binder, John Kippax, William Sloane obits

Apr. 5 (#171) Nebula Awards nominations; Miriam Allen deFord obit 
Apr. 15 (#172) 1974 Locus Awards; Locus poll results 
May 10 (#173) 1974 Nebula Awards; Nebula banquet report 
Oct. 27 (#180) Silverberg to work on Star Trek movie

Apr. 25 (#187) 1976 Nebula Awards, Nebula banquet report 
May 30 (#189) Thomas Burnett Swann obit, Locus survey results 
July 31 (#191) Fritz Lang obit; convention failures 

November (#206) California Science Fiction week; photos of Robert A. Heinlein, Poul Anderson, Ted Sturgeon 
December (#207) Harlan Ellison statement; ''On Writing'' by Algis Budrys

March (#209) Leigh Brackett obit; ''On Reviewing SF'' by Gregory Benford 
April (#210) 1978 Nebula Awards; interview: John Brunner 
May (#211) Japanese SF 
July (#212) World SF writers conference; interview: Arthur C. Clarke 
October (#215) World Fantasy Awards

May (#221) 1978 Nebula Awards 
August (#224) 1979 Hugo Awards; ''Staying Alive'' by Norman Spinrad 
November (#227) Photos of Saturn; 1979 World Fantasy Convention 
December (#228) SF in China by Brian Aldiss; interview: Stanton A. Coblentz

January (#229) MLA Convention; Amer. Assoc. for the Advancement of Science annual meeting; SF in Yugoslavia 
March (#231)

January (#252) 1981 Philcon 
February (#253) 1981: The Science Fiction Year in Review; review of Helliconia Spring; Harry Bates obituary 
March (#254) Review of Robert Silverberg's Majipoor Chronicles; columns by Norman Spinrad, Richard Curtis 
June (#257) 1981 Nebula Awards; Third International Conference on the Fantastic 
July (#258) Robert A. Heinlein at the ABA; 1982 Locus Awards 
August (#259) SF in the Soviet Union; review of Stephen King's The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger 
September (#260) ''A Russian Odyssey'' by Arthur C. Clarke; Alva Rogers obit 
October (#261) 1982 Worldcon; Stanton A. Coblentz obit; photos of Arthur C. Clarke in Russia 
December (#263) World Fantasy Awards; Soviet SF; Joan Hunter Holly, Gene Day, and Thomas P. Kelley obits 

January (#264) Robert A. Heinlein in Shanghai; 1982 World Fantasy Convention 
March (#266)­ Mack Reynolds obituary; ''Soviet Science Fiction: Origin of the Species'', by Vladimir Gakov 
April (#267) Reviews by Gregory Benford; Roy G. Krenkel obituary 
May (#268) Rudy Rucker wins first Philip K. Dick Memorial Award; SF magazines in China; Max Erlich obituary 
June (#269) '83 Nebula Awards; Lisa Goldstein wins American Book Award. Michael Whelan interview 
July (#270) 1983 Locus Awards; Richard Powers interview 
August (#271) Photos of Greg Bear, R.A. Lafferty, John Maddox Roberts, Brian Aldiss 
September (#272) Brian Aldiss wins Campbell Memorial Award 
October (#273) Reviews by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro; 1983 Worldcon; World SF in Shanghai 
November (#274) interview: Frederik Pohl; William Golding wins Nobel Prize; 1983 Worldcon 
December (#275) World Fantasy Awards; 1983 Worldcon 

January (#276) interviews with Gene Wolfe, Stephen R. Donaldson; 1983 World Fantasy Convention 
March (#278) interview: R.A. MacAvoy; ''Predicting the Present'' by Gregory Benford; photos of the 1959 World Science Fiction Convention; ''Soviet Science Fiction: The Golden Age'', part I, by Vladimir Gakov 
May (#280) interview with Brian Aldiss; Tim Powers wins Philip K. Dick Award 
June (#281) 1983 Nebula Awards; interviews with Christopher Priest, James White 
August (#283) interviews with Harlan Ellison, Arthur C. Clarke 
September (#284) Interviews: Ursula K. Le Guin, Kit Williams 
November (#286) World Fantasy Awards; 1984 Worldcon; interview: Clayton Bailey 
December (#287) Photos from 1984 Worldcon 

January (#288) International SF; 1984 World Fantasy Conv. 
February (#289) 1984 in review; interview: Robert Silverberg; ''In the Once Upon A Time City'' by Samuel R. Delany 
March (#290) interview with Dan Reeder; ''Conjuring Helliconia'' by Brian W. Aldiss 
April (#291) interview: Somtow Sucharitkul; Boskone 1984 
May (#292) interview: Tim Powers; William Gibson wins Philip K. Dick Award 
July (#294) Theodore Sturgeon: In Memoriam; SF at the ABA 
August (#295) World SF meeting in Italy; photos from ABA 
September (#296) Jack Gaughan obituary; review of Ursula K. Le Guin's Always Coming Home 
October (#297) 1985 Hugo Awards; 1985 Worldcon; interview: Lee Harding; SF in France 
November (#298) Austin NASFiC; 1985 Worldcon; interview: Chad Oliver 
December (#299) interviews: Robert Holdstock, Barry Hughart 

January (#300) 1985 World Fantasy Convention; interview: J.K. Potter; Robert Graves, Walter Gibson obituaries 
February (#301): 1985 in review 
March (#302) Frank Herbert, L. Ron Hubbard obituaries; international SF; interviews: David Brin, Katherine Kurtz 
April (#303) Judy-Lynn del Rey obituary; Frank Herbert: In Memoriam; interview: Beth Meacham; Ian Ballantine's 70th birthday party 
May (#304) Manly Wade Wellman obituary; ''Concerning the Question of the Sumatran Rhinoceros'' by Kir Bulychev 
July (#306) Chesley Bonestell obituary; international SF, interview with Brian Aldiss 
August (#307) 1986 ABA in New Orleans; World SF meeting in Canada 
September (#308) David Brin wins Campbell Award; interview with Keith Roberts 
October (#309) 1986 Worldcon; Russell Griffin, Jerry Jacks obits 
November (#310) 1986 Worldcon; review of Trillion Year Spree 
December (#311) World Fantasy Awards; interview: with Malcolm Edwards 

January (#312) 1986 World Fantasy Convention 
March (#314) - interview with Boris Strugatsky 
September (#320) interview with Gregory Benford 
November (#322) Alfred Bester obit/appreciations , Worldcon (Conspiracy) report 
December (#323) World Fantasy Awards, Patrick Tilley interview 

January (#324) World Fantasy Con 1987; international SF 
March (#326) C.L. Moore, Lin Carter obits; Andre Norton at 76 
April (#327) 20th Anniversary Issue; interview with Clive Barker 
May (#328) Jack Williamson, Catherine Crook de Camp, & L. Sprague de Camp at 80; interviews with Bruce Sterling, Lewis Shiner 
June (#329) Robert A. Heinlein, Clifford Simak obits/appreciations 
July (#330) 1987 Nebula Awards; Robert A. Heinlein: In Memoriam; interview with Kim Stanley Robinson 
August (#331) 1988 Bram Stoker Awards; SF at the ABA; Writers of the Future 
September (#332) 1988 Locus Awards; interview with J.G. Ballard 
October (#333) 1988 Hugo Awards; 1988 Worldcon; interviews with Octavia Butler, Pat Murphy 

May (#340) 1988 Nebula Awards; interview with Joe Haldeman; 1989 International Conference on the Fantastic
June (#341) interviews with George Alec Effinger, Brian Aldiss 
July (#342) Interview with Greg Bear; SF at the ABA; Bram Stoker Awards 
December (#347) World Fantasy Awards; interview: David Brin; photos of Ellen Datlow, Harlan Ellison, John M. Ford 

January (#348) Farewells to Voyager by Bear, Benford, Williamson; interviews: Ursula K. Le Guin, Charles Sheffield 
April (#351) - interview with Peter Straub 
May (#352) - 1990 Hugo nominations; interviews with Suzy McKee Charnas, Walter Jon Williams 
July (#354) - 1990 ABA Report 
August (#355) - 1990 Locus Awards; article by Gregory Benford; interviews with Robert Silverberg, Mike Resnick 
September (#356) - Brian Aldiss surprise party; 1990 Locus Survey results; interviews: Megan Lindholm, Kristine Kathryn Rusch; Ed Emshwiller obituary 
November (#358) - ConFiction report, part 2; 1990 World Fantasy Awards nominations; interview with Wolfgang Jeschke 

January (#360) interviews with Jane Yolen, Cecelia Holland; obituaries: Roald Dahl, Donald A. Wollheim; international reports by James Gunn, Brian Aldiss, more; 1990 World Fantasy Convention report 
April (#363) - interviews with Ben Bova, Gordon R. Dickson; 1990 British Book Summary; international SF reports 
July (#366) - 1991 Locus Awards; World SF Meeting in China; interview with Terry Bisson; obituary of Sharon Baker 
August (#367) - ABA 1991; international SF coverage; interviews: Sheri S. Tepper, Brian Stableford 
September (#368) - 1991 Locus Survey results; Campbell, Sturgeon Awards winners; interviews: Alan Dean Foster, Elisabeth Vonarburg 
October (#369) - 1990 Hugo winners 
November (#370) - Worldcon reports (Chicon V), interview: S.P. Somtow 
December (#371) - 1991 World Fantasy Awards, interview with Lisa Goldstein, Arkady Strugatsy & Gene Roddenberry obits 

May (#376) - 1991 Nebula winners, Isaac Asimov obit. & appreciations 
September (#380) - 1992 Locus Survey results, interviews with Suzy McKee Charnas, Michael Swanwick, obits & appreciations for Alan Nourse, Reginald Bretnor 
October (#381) - 1992 Hugo winners and voting, obit./appreciations for Fritz Leiber 
November (#382) - Worldcon (MagiCon) reports, Leiber in memoriam cont'd, interviews with Pat Cadigan, Joe Haldeman

January (#384) - 1992 World Fantasy Convention, interviews: Michael Whelan, C.J. Cherryh 
February (#385) - 1992 in Review, interviews: Ron Goulart, Vincent Di Fate 
April (#387) - 25th Anniversary Issue with a look back over the years, interviews with Harry Turtledove, Dave Duncan, international SF 
June (#389) - obits/appreciations for Lester del Rey & Avram Davidson, reports on 1993 Nebula Banquet, World SF/Helicon 
July (#390) - In Memoriam Lester del Rey & Avram Davidson, cont'd; interviews: Peter S. Beagle, Michaela Roessner, David Gerrold 
August (#391) - 1993 Locus Awards & poll results, 1993 Stoker Awards, ABA Report, interviews with David Zindell, John Kessel 
September (#392) - Locus Silver Anniversary Letters and photos, 1993 Locus Survey results, 1993 Campbell & Sturgeon Awards, interviews: Neal Barrett, Jr., Karen Joy Fowler 
October (#393) - 1993 Hugo Awards and voting, Worldcon (ConFrancisco) report, more Silver Anniversary letters, interview with Michael Moorcock 
November (#394) - more ConFrancisco reports & photos, interview: Gregory Benford 
December (#395) - 1993 World Fantasy Awards, interviews with Maureen F. McHugh & Jack Williamson, international SF. 

January (#396) - article on SF by Terry Bisson, 1993 World Fantasy Con, interviews with Peter Straub & Tim Powers, French SF publisher, Anthony Burgess obit/appreciations 
February (#397) - 1993 in Review, Terry Brooks interview, Frank Belknap Long obit/appreciation 
April (#399) - SF Around the World, interviews: Patricia Anthony & Mary Rosenblum, obits: Robert Shea, Verna Smith Trestail (appreciation by F. Pohl) 
June (#401) - Nebula Weekend report by Edward Bryant, interviews: Terry Dowling, Dan Simmons 
July (#402) - Stoker and Hubbard Award winners, SF Around the World, interviews: Sheri S. Tepper, Tom Shippey 
August (#403) - Apollo 11: A Look Back by noted SF writers, 1994 Locus Awards and poll results, interview with Charles Sheffield 
September (#404) - Locus Survey results, interview with Greg Bear 
October (#405) - 1994 Hugo winners & voting, worldcon (ConAdian) report, article on Star Trek and Vietnam; interviews with Nina Kiriki Hoffman, Delia Sherman 
November (#406) - Robert Bloch, Karl Edward Wagner obits & appreciations, ConAdian reports & photos, Dean Koontz interview

January (#408) - World Fantasy Convention report, international SF, interview with Tad Williams 
March (#410) - interviews with Elizabeth Moon, Wilhelmina Baird 
April (#411) - Clive Barker interview, Ian Ballantine obit & appreciations, international SF reports 
May (#412) - 1994 Nebula Awards, reports on International Conf. on the Fantastic and World Horror Con, interviews: George R.R. Martin, Donald E. McQuinn, more Ian Ballantine appreciations 
June (#413) - 1995 Nebula Weekend, interviews with Nancy Springer, Jack Womack 
July (#414) - Roger Zelazny obit & appreciations, interviews: Pat Cadigan, John Clute 
August (#415) - Roger Zelazny in Memoriam, Locus Awards & poll results, international SF, 1995 SFRA Conference, interview: Lois McMaster Bujold 
September (#416) - 1995 Hugo Awards, 1995 Locus Survey results, NASFic/DragonCon report, international SF, interviews with Kathleen Ann Goonan, Brian Aldiss October (#417) - John Brunner in Memoriam, Hugo ceremony & voting, interview: Elizabeth Hand 
December (#419) - 1995 World Fantasy Awards, interviews with Gwyneth Jones, Kevin J. Anderson, obits/appreciations of Kingsley Amis. 

January (#420) - International SF reports, 1995 World Fantasy Convention report, interviews with C.J. Cherryh, Paul J. McAuley 
February (#421) - 1995 in Review, interview with Alexander Jablokov, obit/appreciation for Walter M. Miller, Jr. 
March (#422) - interviews with Kim Stanley Robinson & trio Kate Elliott, Melanie Rawn, Jennifer Roberson, obituaries/appreciations for Bob Shaw, Elsie Wollheim, G.C. Edmondson, Margaret St. Clair 
April (#423) - obits/appreciations for H.L. Gold, Richard Powers, interviews with Stephen Baxter, Robert Holdstock 
May (#424) - International Conference on the Fantastic, 1995 Nebula Awards, interviews: Bruce Sterling, Sharon Shinn 
June (#425) - Nebula Weekend report, interviews: William Tenn, K.W. Jeter 
July (#426) - 1996 World Horror Convention, SF in Brazil, interviews: Michael Bishop, Patricia A. McKillip, obit/appreciations for Richard Evans 
August (#427) - 1996 Locus Awards & poll results, HWA & ABA reports, interviews: Ray Bradbury & John Barnes, Leigh Richmond obit 
September (#428) - Forthcoming Books, interviews with Walter Jon Williams, Nicola Griffith. 

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