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The December 2022 issue of Locus magazine has interviews with Julie E. Czerneda and Saad Z. Hossain, and spotlights on artist Geneva Bowers and author Khan Wong. The issue lists US and UK forthcoming books titles through September 2023. Stories include the World Fantasy Awards and convention report, the judge's ruling to block the PRH/S&S merger, HarperCollins strike news, Harry Josephine Giles's Clarke Award win, Donato Giancola and Wayne Barlowe exhibits, the Asimov’s Reader Awards winners, and more. People and publishing includes news this issue about Stephen Graham Jones, Mercedes Lackey, Tad Williams, Kim Harrison, Naomi Alderman, Ann Leckie, and many others. In this month's obituaries and appreciations, Tom Maddox, Martin Morse Wooster, Jill Pinkwater, Sue Strong Hassler, Anne Fakhouri, Justin E.A. Busch, Ned Dameron, Aly Parsons, and J.G. “Huck” Huckenpöhler are remembered. Reviews cover new titles by Jonathan Carroll, Christopher Priest, Paul J. McAuley, Sam J. Miller, Wesley Chu, Naomi Novik, Ben Aaronovitch, Alex White, Walter Jon Williams, Justina Ireland, Catherine Yu, Hiroko Oyamada, Chris Flynn, Anil Menon, Leslye Penelope, Moses Ose Utomi, Rita Woods, Lauren Owen, Lisa Yaszek (ed.), Melissa Baron, Matthew Chrulew (ed.), Joan Marie Verba, Ethan Chatagnier, Olivie Blake, J.M. Lee, Umar Turaki, Stephen King, Matt Query & Harrison Query, and others.


Table of Contents: 

December 2022 • Issue 743 • Vol. 89 • No. 6
55th Year of Publication • 30-Time Hugo Winner
Cover and interview art and design by Francesca Myman 

Julie E. Czerneda: High Concept / 10
Saad Z. Hossain: Real Simulation / 12 

2022 World Fantasy Awards • Judge Forbids PRH/S&S Merger • HarperCollins Union On Strike • Giles Wins Clarke Award • Donato Giancola Exhibit • Barlowe Retrospective • Asimov’s Reader Awards Winners • PW’s Best Books of 2022 • Amazon Best Books of 2022 

National Book Awards Winners • Shirley Jackson Awards Winners • Society of Illustrators Hall of Fame • YALSA Teen’s Top Ten • World Conventions News • Bookstore News • SFPA News • Red Tower Books • Macmillan Extends Remote Work • Magazine News • Voyage to the Edge of Imagination Exhibition • PRH Diversity News • Clarion 2023 Instructors • Announcements • Awards News • Financial News • International Rights • Audio Rights

Notes on milestones, awards, books sold, etc., with news this issue about Stephen Graham JonesMercedes LackeyTad WilliamsKim HarrisonNaomi AldermanAnn Leckie, and many others


Spotlight on artist Geneva Bowers / 35 Spotlight on author Khan Wong / 69 


Magazines Received: October / 50 Books Received: October / 52 Bestsellers / 64 New & Notable / 65  

Tom Maddox • Martin Morse Wooster • Jill Pinkwater • Sue Strong Hassler • Anne Fakhouri • Justin E.A. Busch • Ned Dameron • Appreciation for Aly Parsons & J.G. “Huck” Huckenpöhler by Catherine Asaro

Fundraiser • World Fantasy • Next Up • This Issue • Happy Winter Holidays


Short Fiction Reviews by Karen Burnham / 14
khōréō 9/22; Asimov’s 9-10/22; Translunar Traveler’s Lounge 8/22; Future SF Digest 9/22; Clarkesworld 10/22.

Short Fiction Reviews by Paula Guran / 15 10/12/22, 9/21/22, 9/14/22, 9/7/22, 8/24/22; Apex 133; Uncanny 9-10/2211-12/22; The Dark 9/22, 10/22; Nightmare 10/22; The Deadlands 10/22, 11/22; PodCastle 7/5/22; PseudoPod 9/9/22, 9/16/22; Weird Horror Fall ’22.

Short Fiction Reviews by Charles Payseur / 16
Cast of Wonders 9/20/22, 9/22/22, 9/25/22, 9/27/22, 9/28/22, 9/29/22; Escape Pod 9/29/22, 10/6/22; Strange Horizons 9/19/22, 9/26/22, 10/3/22, 10/10/22; Beneath Ceaseless Skies 10/6/22, 10/20/22; Fusion Fragment 10/22; Fiyah 10/22; Flash Fiction Online 10/22; GigaNotoSaurus 10/22; Kaleidotrope 10/22; Diabolical Plots 10/22; F&SF 11-12/22.

Reviews by Gary K. Wolfe / 18
Mr. Breakfast
, Jonathan Carroll; Expect Me Tomorrow, Christopher Priest; Beyond the Burn Line, Paul J. McAuley; Kid Wolf and Kraken Boy, Sam J. Miller.

Reviews by Adrienne Martini / 20 

The Art of Prophecy, Wesley Chu; The Golden Enclaves, Naomi Novik; Amongst Our Weapons, Ben Aaronovitch; August Kitko and the Mechas from Space, Alex White.

Reviews by Russell Letson / 21 Imperium Restored, Walter Jon Williams.

Reviews by Alex Brown / 22
Rust in the Root
, Justina Ireland; Direwood, Catherine Yu.

Reviews by Ian Mond / 23
Weasels in the Attic
, Hiroko Oyamada; Here Be Leviathans, Chris Flynn; The Inconceivable Idea of the Sun, Anil Menon.

Reviews by Maya C. James / 24 

The Monsters We Defy, Leslye Penelope; The Lies of the Ajungo, Moses Ose Utomi; The Last Dreamwalker, Rita Woods.

Reviews by Alexandra Pierce / 26 

Small Angels, Lauren Owen; The Future is Female! Vol 2: the 1970s: More Classic Science Fiction by Women, Lisa Yaszek, ed.; Twice in a Lifetime, Melissa Baron; Phase Change: Imagining Energy Futures, Matthew Chrulew, ed.; Twelve, Joan Marie Verba.

Reviews by Colleen Mondor / 28
Singer Distance
, Ethan Chatagnier; The Atlas Paradox, Olivie Blake; The Nightland Express, J.M. Lee. 

Reviews by Gabino Iglesias / 29
Such a Beautiful Thing to Behold
, Umar Turaki; Fairy Tale, Stephen King; Old Country, Matt Query & Harrison Query.

Terry Bisson: This Month in History / 15, 17, 20, 27

Magazines reviews in this issue (indicating reviewer)—

khōréō 9/22 (Karen Burnham)
Asimov’s 9-10/22 (Karen Burnham)
Translunar Traveler’s Lounge 8/22 (Karen Burnham)
Future SF Digest 9/22 (Karen Burnham)
Clarkesworld 10/22 (Karen Burnham) 10/12/22, 9/21/22, 9/14/22, 9/7/22, 8/24/22 (Paula Guran)
Apex 133 (Paula Guran)
Uncanny 9-10/22, 11-12/22 (Paula Guran)
The Dark 9/22, 10/22 (Paula Guran)
Nightmare 10/22 (Paula Guran)
The Deadlands 10/22, 11/22 (Paula Guran)
PodCastle 7/5/22 (Paula Guran)
PseudoPod 9/9/22, 9/16/22 (Paula Guran)
Weird Horror Fall ’22 (Paula Guran)
Cast of Wonders 9/20/22, 9/22/22, 9/25/22, 9/27/22, 9/28/22, 9/29/22 (Charles Payseur)
Escape Pod 9/29/22, 10/6/22 (Charles Payseur)
Strange Horizons 9/19/22, 9/26/22, 10/3/22, 10/10/22 (Charles Payseur)
Beneath Ceaseless Skies 10/6/22, 10/20/22 (Charles Payseur)
Fusion Fragment 10/22 (Charles Payseur)
Fiyah 10/22 (Charles Payseur)
Flash Fiction Online 10/22 (Charles Payseur)
GigaNotoSaurus 10/22 (Charles Payseur)
Kaleidotrope 10/22 (Charles Payseur)
Diabolical Plots 10/22 (Charles Payseur)
F&SF 11-12/22 (Charles Payseur)

Books reviews in this issue (indicating reviewer)—
Aaronovitch, Ben • Amongst Our Weapons (Adrienne Martini)
Baron, Melissa • Twice in a Lifetime (Alexandra Pierce)
Blake, Olivie • The Atlas Paradox (Colleen Mondor)
Carroll, Jonathan • Mr. Breakfast (Gary K. Wolfe)
Chatagnier, Ethan • Singer Distance (Colleen Mondor)
Chrulew, Matthew, ed. • Phase Change: Imagining Energy Futures (Alexandra Pierce)
Chu, Wesley • The Art of Prophecy (Adrienne Martini)
Flynn, Chris • Here Be Leviathans (Ian Mond)
Ireland, Justina • Rust in the Root (Alex Brown)
King, Stephen • Fairy Tale (Gabino Iglesias)
Lee, J. M. • The Nightland Express (Colleen Mondor)
McAuley, Paul • Beyond the Burn Line (Gary K. Wolfe)
Menon, Anil • The Inconceivable Idea of the Sun (Ian Mond)
Miller, Sam J. • Kid Wolf and Kraken Boy (Gary K. Wolfe)
Novik, Naomi • The Golden Enclaves (Adrienne Martini)
Owen, Lauren • Small Angels (Alexandra Pierce)
Oyamada, Hiroko • Weasels in the Attic (Ian Mond)
Penelope, Leslye • The Monsters We Defy (Maya C. James)
Priest, Christopher • Expect Me Tomorrow (Gary K. Wolfe)
Query, Matt, & Harrison Query • Old Country (Gabino Iglesias)
Turaki, Umar • Such a Beautiful Thing to Behold (Gabino Iglesias)
Utomi, Moses Ose • The Lies of the Ajungo (Maya C. James)
Verba, Joan Marie • Twelve (Alexandra Pierce)
White, Alex • August Kitko and the Mechas from Space (Adrienne Martini)
Williams, Walter Jon • Imperium Restored (Russell Letson)
Woods, Rita • The Last Dreamwalker (Maya C. James)
Yaszek, Lisa, ed. • The Future is Female! Vol 2: the 1970s: More Classic Science Fiction by Women (Alexandra Pierce)
Yu, Catherine • Direwood (Alex Brown)