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The December 2020 issue of Locus magazine has interviews with Kim Stanley Robinson and Sheree Renée Thomas. The issue lists US and UK forthcoming books titles through September 2021. Stories include the World Fantasy Awards and convention report, the Ignyte Awards and FIYAHCON convention report, the Sirens Conference, and an SF in India report by Shweta Taneja. Headlines include “Thomas to Edit F&SF“, “Houghton Mifflin Harcourt for Sale“, “Harlan and Susan Ellison Trust“, and “DreamHaven Robbed“. Additional awards news covers the Chesleyand Endeavour winners and the BFA and Andrew Carnegie Medals shortlists. People and publishing includes notes on milestones, awards, books sold, etc., with news this issue about Scott Westerfeld, Neil Gaiman, Richard Kadrey & Cassandra Khaw, James Tiptree, Jr., Ta-Nehisi Coates, and many others. Kameron Hurley‘s column is entitled “It’s Easy Being the Bad Guy”. Rachel Caine (AKA Roxanne Longstreet Conrad), Richard A. Lupoff, Debra Doyle, Kay McCauley, Zaé Junior, Daniel Piret, and Michel Rigaud (AKA Paul-Jean “P.-J.” Hérault) are remembered with obituaries and appreciations. Reviews cover new titles by Christopher Priest, Sarah Gailey, Alaya Dawn Johnson, Diana Gabaldon & John Joseph Adams (eds.), Lavie Tidhar, Tim Pratt, Everina Maxwell, Laura Lam, Alex Irvine, Micaiah Johnson, Guillermo Saccomanno, Dolores Reyes, Emma Glass, TJ Klune, Garth Nix, Linda Nagata, Ellen Datlow (ed.), P. Djèlí Clark, Sheila Williams (ed.), and art/illustrated books from Stéphane Levallois, Yuko Shimizu (illustrating Oscar Wilde), Donato Giancola, Gary Gianni, Ulla Thynell, Trina Robbins (illustrating Tanith Lee), and Colleen Doran (illustrating Neil Gaiman).


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December 2020 • Issue 719 • Vol. 85 • No. 6
53rd Year of Publication • 30-Time Hugo Winner
Cover and Interview Designs by Stephen H. Segal

Kim Stanley Robinson: Forward the Future / 10
Sheree Renée Thomas: A Kind of Wonder / 28

World Fantasy Awards Winners • Rachel Caine [AKA Roxanne Longstreet Conrad(1962 - 2020) • Richard A. Lupoff (1935-2020) • Thomas to Edit F&SF • Houghton Mifflin Harcourt for Sale • Ignyte Awards Winners • Chesley Awards Winners

Hughes and Morgan Win Endeavour • British Fantasy Awards Shortlist • Andrew Carnegie Medals Shortlist • Harlan and Susan Ellison Trust • DreamHaven Robbed • Conventions News • Publishing News • Magazine News • Announcements • Pandemic News • Awards News • Legal News • SFPA Grand Master Nominees • SFWA News • Amazon News • PW's Best Books 2020 • Financial News • International Rights

Notes on milestones, awards, books sold, etc., with news this issue about Scott WesterfeldNeil GaimanRichard Kadrey Cassandra KhawJames Tiptree, Jr.Ta-Nehisi Coates, and many others

Commentary by Kameron Hurley: It's Easy Being the Bad Guy / 27 SF in India / 38

World Fantasy Convention / 30 Sirens Conference / 35 FIYAHCON / 36

US Forthcoming Books / 40 British Forthcoming Books / 50

Magazines Received: October / 56 Books Received: October / 57 British Books Received: September / 66 Bestsellers / 68

Appreciations for Richard A. Lupoff from Jacob Weisman, Barry N. Malzberg, Philip Harbottle, and Jim Benford • Appreciation for Rachel Caine from Melissa Marr • OTHER OBITUARIES • Debra Doyle • Kay McCauley • Zaé Junior • Daniel Piret • Michel Rigaud [AKA Paul-Jean "P.-J." Hérault]

New Reviewers • Recommended Reading • The Cat is on the Roof


Short Fiction Reviews by Rich Horton / 13
Entanglements: Tomorrow's Lovers, Families, and Friends, Sheila Williams, ed.; London Centric, Ian Whates, ed.; Uncanny 11-12/20; On Spec #114; Pulp Literature Summer '20; The New Yorker 11/9/20.

Short Fiction Reviews by Karen Burnham / 14
Beneath Ceaseless Skies 9/24/20; Omenana 8/20; Samovar 7/20; 8/26, 9/16, 9/23, 10/14/20; Strange Horizons 9/20.

Short Fiction Reviews by Paula Guran / 15
Baffling 10/20; Weird Horror Fall '20; Fantasy 11/20; The Dark 9/20, 10/20; Nightmare 10/20, 11/20; Uncanny 9-10/20; Black Static 9-10/20; 9/2/20.

Reviews by Gary K. Wolfe / 16
The Evidence, Christopher Priest; The Echo Wife, Sarah Gailey; Reconstruction, Alaya Dawn Johnson; The Best American Science Fiction and Fantasy 2020, Diana Gabaldon & John Joseph Adams, eds.; The Big Blind, Lavie Tidhar.

Reviews by Liz Bourke / 18
Doors of Sleep, Tim Pratt; Winter's Orbit, Everina Maxwell.

Reviews by Adrienne Martini / 19
Goldilocks, Laura Lam; Anthropocene Rag, Alex Irvine; The Echo Wife, Sarah Gailey; The Space Between Worlds, Micaiah Johnson.

Reviews by Ian Mond / 20
The Clerk, Guillermo Saccomanno; Eartheater, Dolores Reyes; Rest and Be Thankful, Emma Glass.

Reviews by Colleen Mondor / 21
The Extraordinaries, TJ Klune; The Left-Handed Booksellers of London, Garth Nix.

Art Book Reviews by Karen Haber / 22
Leonardo 2, Stéphane Levallois; The Fairy Tales of Oscar Wilde: An Illuminated Edition, Oscar Wilde & Yuko Shimizu; Middle-earth Journeys in Myth and Legend, Donato Giancola; Art of Gary Gianni for George R.R. Martin's Seven Kingdoms, Gary Gianni; SHORT TAKES: Snow, Glass, Apples, Neil Gaiman & Colleen Doran; Tanith Lee's The Silver Metal Lover, Trina Robbins; Nordic Tales: Folktales from Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, and Denmark, Ulla Thynell.

Reviews by Divers Hands: Russell Letson, Paula Guran, Gabino Iglesias, Maya James / 24
Pacific Storm, Linda Nagata; The Best Horror of the Year Volume Twelve, Ellen Datlow, ed.; Ring Shout, P. Djèlí Clark; Entanglements: Tomorrow's Lovers, Families, and Friends, Sheila Williams, ed.

Terry Bisson: This Month in History / 15, 19, 20, 25

Magazines reviewed in this issue (indicating reviewer)—
Baffling 10/20 (Paula Guran)
Beneath Ceaseless Skies 9/24/20 (Karen Burnham)
Black Static 9-10/20 (Paula Guran)
The Dark 9/20 (Paula Guran)
The Dark 10/20 (Paula Guran)
Fantasy 11/20 (Paula Guran)
The New Yorker 11/9/20 (Rich Horton)
Nightmare 10/20 (Paula Guran)
Nightmare 11/20 (Paula Guran)
Omenana 8/20 (Karen Burnham)
On Spec #114 (Rich Horton)
Pulp Literature Summer '20 (Rich Horton)
Samovar 7/20 (Karen Burnham)
Strange Horizons 9/20 (Karen Burnham) 8/26 (Karen Burnham) 9/2/20 (Paula Guran) 9/16 (Karen Burnham) 9/23 (Karen Burnham) 10/14/20 (Karen Burnham)
Uncanny 9-10/20 (Paula Guran)
Uncanny 11-12/20 (Rich Horton)
Weird Horror Fall '20 (Paula Guran)