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Locus Magazine • December 2012 • Issue 623 • Vol. 69 No. 6

The December issue features interviews with Elizabeth Bear and Ted Kosmatka, a report on the World Fantasy Convention, lists of forthcoming books through September 2013, and reviews of short fiction and new books by Ursula K. Le GuinAllen SteeleKage Baker & Kathleen Bartholomew, and many others.


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December 2012 • Issue 623 • Vol. 69 No. 6
45th Year of Publication • 30-Time Hugo Winner
Cover and Interview Designs by Francesca Myman


Elizabeth Bear: Earthly Conventions / 6
Ted Kosmatka: Game Master / 72




Notes on milestones, awards, books sold, etc., with news this issue about Terry Pratchett andRhianna PratchettRichard BowesLouise Marley, Charles StrossStephen Baxter, and many others.


Random House and Penguin Merger • Alexander Wins National Book Award • Carnegie Medal Longlist • Rusch Wins Endeavour


PW Best of 2012 • Amazon’s Best of 2012 • Humble eBook Bundle • SFWA Launches YA Group • Fictionwise Closes • Amazon News • Frazetta and Suydam Art Stolen • 2012 Romantic Times Reviewers’ Choice Nominees • Eaton Journal Launched • Announcements • Financial News • International Rights • Other Rights • Audiobooks Received • Publications Received • Catalogs Received • Hurricane Sandy Brings New York to a Standstill


US Forthcoming Books / 26 British Forthcoming Books / 36


Magazines Received: October / 42 Books Received: October / 43 British Books Received: September / 54 Bestsellers / 56


Kevin O’Donnell, Jr. • Janet Berliner • Appreciation by Kevin J. Anderson • David Grove • Alan Hunter • Jacques Goimard • Pam Fremon


WFC • Back at the Ranch • This Issue/Next Issue • Happy Holidays!



Gardnerspace: A Short Fiction Column by Gardner Dozois / 14

F&SF 11-12/12; Asimov’s 12/12; Edge of Infinity, Jonathan Strahan, ed.; Going Interstellar, Les Johnson & Jack McDevitt, eds.; Arc 1.3.

Short Fiction Reviews by Rich Horton / 15

Eclipse Online 10/12; Eclipse Online 11/12; Edge of Infinity, Jonathan Strahan, ed.; Asimov’s 12/12; Analog 12/12; F&SF 11-12/12; Strange Horizons 10/12; Electric Velocipede Summer ’12; Steampunk III: Steampunk Revolution, Ann VanderMeer, ed.

Reviews by Gary K. Wolfe / 16

The Unreal and the Real: Selected Stories, Volume One: Where On Earth, Ursula K. Le Guin;The Unreal and the Real: Selected Stories, Volume Two: Outer Space, Inner Lands, Ursula K. Le Guin; Errantry: Strange Stories, Elizabeth Hand; Jack Glass, Adam Roberts.

Reviews by Faren Miller / 18

Bad Glass, Richard E. Gropp; The Inexplicables, Cherie Priest; Dodger, Terry Pratchett; Devil Said Bang, Richard Kadrey; The Rise of Ransom City, Felix Gilman.

Reviews by Russell Letson / 21

Apollo’s Outcasts, Allen Steele; The Cassandra Project, Jack McDevitt & Mike Resnick; Fate of Worlds, Larry Niven & Edward M. Lerner.

Reviews by Adrienne Martini / 22

Year Zero, Rob Reid; Merger/Disciple, Watler Mosley; Nell Gwynne’s On Land and At Sea, Kage Baker & Kathleen Bartholomew; Shift, Kim Curran.

Divers Hand: Reviews by Cecelia Holland, Richard A. Lupoff, Gwenda Bond, and Karen Burnham / 24

Something Red, Douglas Nicholas; Nell Gwynne’s on Land and at Sea, Kage Baker & Kathleen Bartholomew; The Diviners, Libba Bray; After, Ellen Datlow & Terri Windling, eds.; AfroSF: Science Fiction by African Writers, Ivor W. Hartmann, ed.

Terry Bisson: This Month in History / 15, 17, 21, 25



Magazine Issues reviewed in this issue (indicating reviewer) —

Analog January/February 2013 (Rich Horton)
Arc 2012 (Gardner Dozois)
Asimov’s December 2012 (Gardner Dozois)
Asimov’s December 2012 (Rich Horton)
Eclipse Online October 2012 (Rich Horton)
Eclipse Online November 2012 (Rich Horton)
Electric Velocipede Summer 2012 (Rich Horton)
F&SF Nov/Dec 2012 (Gardner Dozois)
F&SF Nov/Dec 2012 (Rich Horton)
Strange Horizons October 2012 (Rich Horton)

Books reviewed in this issue, listed by author (indicating reviewer) —

Baker, Kage, & Kathleen Bartholomew • Nell Gwynne’s on Land and at Sea (Adrienne Martini)
Baker, Kage, & Kathleen Bartholomew • Nell Gwynne’s on Land and at Sea (Richard A. Lupoff)
Bray, Libba • The Diviners (Gwenda Bond)
Curran, Kim • Shift (Adrienne Martini)
Datlow, Ellen, & Terri Windling, eds. • After (Gwenda Bond)
Gilman, Felix • The Rise of Ransom City (Faren Miller)
Gropp, Richard E. • Bad Glass (Faren Miller)
Hand, Elizabeth • Errantry (Gary K. Wolfe)
Hartmann, Ivor W. • AfroSF: Science Fiction by African Writers (Karen Burnham)
Johnson, Les, & Jack McDevitt, eds. • Going Interstellar (Gardner Dozois)
Kadrey, Richard • Devil Said Bang (Faren Miller)
Le Guin, Ursula K. • The Unreal and the Real: Selected Stories Volume One: Where on Earth (Gary K. Wolfe)
Le Guin, Ursula K. • The Unreal and the Real: Selected Stories Volume Two: Outer Space, Inner Lands (Gary K. Wolfe)
McDevitt, Jack, & Mike Resnick • The Cassandra Project (Russell Letson)
Mosley, Walter • Merge/Disciple (Adrienne Martini)
Nicholas, Douglas • Something Red (Cecilia Holland)
Niven, Larry, & Edward M. Lerner • Fate of Worlds (Russell Letson)
Pratchett, Terry • Dodger (Faren Miller)
Priest, Cherie • The Inexplicables (Faren Miller)
Reid, Rob • Year Zero (Adrienne Martini)
Roberts, Adam • Jack Glass (Gary K. Wolfe)
Steele, Allen • Apollo’s Outcasts (Russell Letson)
Strahan, Jonathan, ed. • Edge of Infinity (Gardner Dozois)
Strahan, Jonathan, ed. • Edge of Infinity (Rich Horton)
VanderMeer, Ann, ed. • Steampunk III: Steampunk Revolution (Rich Horton)